Studio Estrela

We have worked closely together on many projects, from ad hoc project creative illustrations to rebranding our entire look and feel of the business, which we have received many complements from our clients. Studio Estrela works seamlessly as part of our team to advise, guide and support and is great to bounce ideas around.

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William worked on our website again recently and brought to bear extensive creative knowledge and expertise. He fully immersed himself into the brand, working along side us to identify what we wanted while also helping us shape and craft our ideas further. A true asset to our brand team!



I have worked with Studio Estrela on a number of projects over the last 2 years and found them to be a great creative partner. They blend a fantastic creative eye with a strategic understanding of the business need, meaning they can offer sound advice not just on designs but what it will mean for the overarching objective.



What's the first thing you think of before you hire a web designer who can reflect the very nature of your business and yourself? I think of someone who understands well what I do, who I am and why I do what I do. Apart from essential skills, knowledge and experience in how to make wonderful and functional websites – William is very good at this. His artistic feelings, sharp modern reality perceptions and ability to listen and connect allow good understanding of a customer's needs and their smooth transformation into the digital world. He can come up with your brand, design, images and content just the way you want. He is accountable, professional and fun to work with.

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